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Inglés 1 9786071013934

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This book was designed based on the parameters and content of the Program of Studies of English I of the DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE BACHILLERATOS. The methodology of this book has been developed within the frame of a communicative approach that allows the acquisition of language through the promotion of habits that lead to the consolidation of life and language skills. This methodology also considers encouraging students’ autonomy as a priority, not only because of the implicit value of this element, but especially because of the positive impact on student motivation that these factors entail. The linguistic aspects are presented in such a way that the student uses his / her abilities to develop a logical and deductive thinking. Learners are also invited to reflect, analyze and discuss both, language patterns and different topics regarding social issues, to facilitate the process of learning how to learn (metacognition), as well as the development of their critical thinking. The themes of the book were selected carefully and taking into account the cultural and educational background of the high school student. We aim to promote with these topics, the reinforcement of those competencies that the student requires in a globalized world where science, information and technology advance continuously. We have acknowledged the relevance of the development of 21th century skills (transversal skills) which are contemplated in the official program. Therefore, several texts and activities provide the students with the opportunity to apply these abilities which will be crucial in their future careers and work areas. We truly hope you enjoy this book!
Beatriz Buzo de la Peña
María Verónica Poujol Galván
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